BECK Systems

Howdy Partner. We welcome another powerhouse into our fastener family with the new, extremely durable BECK fence staples.  Pure holding power and superior corrosion protection make these staples a commodity that you can count on. In addition, the new pneumatically powered F46 FENCE 45-315 stapler and gas driven F70G FENCE 45-315 from FASCO is now available, the perfect complement to the BECK fence stapling system. Ideal for standard fences, chain link fences, animal cages, enclosures and much more.



  • The pneumatically powered and gas driven stapler will save you time and money.
  •  The galvanized wire (class 4) with a zinc coating of at least 350 g / m (50 µm) ensures a maximum life span of the staple.
  •  The patent-pending Diamond Coating, and the precise, divergent points (D-point) increases the holding strength in comparison to manual fixing.
  • The weatherproof packaging protects against weather influences and makes the product optimally visible for the customer.
  • Powerful, pneumatic stapler for driving in 45 mm staples in pressure-treated wood.
  • The adjustable driving depth enables different types of wire fence to be processed in different strengths.
TECHNICAL DATA: F45-315 & F45-315B (barbed)
Wire: 3.15 mm
Strip length:84 mm
Outside & inside crown (A|B): 12.8 mm | 6.7 mm
Crown height (C): 7 mm
Total leg length (L):45 mm
Finish:350 g/m² (50 µm) galvanized
Collation details:

Extra strong internal and external adhesion for maximum stability of the strip


Rural Utility Services-Approval acc. ANSI C135.14

Wire:3.15 mm
Staple length:25-45 mm
Weight:2.75 Kg
Compressed Air:5-8 bar


Capacity:75 staples
Staple length:               25-45 mm
Weight:3.74 kg