BECK Systems

MEZGER Stapling Head Systems


Complete pneumatic stapling or nailing units with an automatic feed travel for stationary installation into stapling devices and special purpose machines.
Stapling and nailing in every position. The mounting can be performed using a centring bolt, or with threaded bore holes located laterally on the bottom of the cylinder.
Different stroke lengths/feed travels are available. The reloading time of a staple coil is less than one minute. Available as left and right version.

Two Options with staples

A 20 & C 13 STAPLING HEADS can be used for stapling & nailing

Fastening materials:

Wood, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, felt, foil, textiles.   

  • Fixing of acoustic capsules to plastic pipes
  • Stapling of blister packaging
  • Nailing of foil or cardboard onto wooden pallets
  • Labelling station: Nailing of labels onto wooden pallets
  • Stapled closure of cardboard tubes including insertion device

B 36 & E 24 STAPLING HEADS can be used for stapling

Fastening materials:

Mostly cardboard boxes.

  • Preparation of cardboard blanks (oversized)
  • SHA stapling machine: auto-matic bottom tray and cover tray stapling
  • Stapling of PAL-box sleeves
  • Stapling of sleeves to ready-made PAL-box
  • Carton sealing in various positions (top, bottom, side), ideally for a double corrugated cardboard box