Limited Warranty Against Corrosion


We are confident in the quality of our products and are proud to offer this warranty to our customers.

Raimund Beck Nageltechnik GmbH (= NAIL TECH AUSTRIA), a member of BECK, has developed its proprietary FasCoat® finish that withstands more than 2,000 hours in the salt spray test according to ASTM B117 or the Kesternich test according to DIN EN ISO 9227. These tests were conducted by independent accredited test laboratories and indicate the time until first significant signs of red rust appear. Red rust is deemed to be present if more than one fastener incurs at least 5% red rust on the fastener heads which are the exposed areas of the fastener. 

Raimund Beck Nageltechnik GmbH (= NAIL TECH AUSTRIA) warrants to the first retail purchaser that its FasCoat® coated fasteners will not rust under ordinary environmental conditions.


This warranty, however, does not cover the following conditions:


  • Inappropriate use or installation of these fasteners leading to the removal of the coating.
  • Inappropriate use or installation of these fasteners leading to excessive contact to water or moisture.
  • Use of these fasteners in coastal areas and/or in direct contact with high salinity such as in salt water, splash water, road salt, salt acid, chlorine environment, etc. Please note that only our Stainless Steel fasteners are recommended for use in coastal areas that are characterized by high salinity and/or humidity.
  • Use of these fasteners in dissimilar metals which may cause uncontrollable contact corrosion and speed up corrosion.
  • Decomposing or otherwise decayed materials being fastened.


Damages that come about due to neglect, misuse, alteration or accident.

This warranty is not transferable, and limited to the replacement or refund of corroded or otherwise defective SCRAIL® items in question, hence it does not cover any incidental or consequential damages respectively losses of any kind.

To ship replacement product, Raimund Beck Nageltechnik GmbH (= NAIL TECH AUSTRIA) must obtain a social security number or Federal ID number for the address where the replacement product shall be shipped to. This is required by the United States Department of Homeland Security for all shipments coming to the United States from outside the country.

The first retail purchaser must return to Raimund Beck Nageltechnik GmbH (= NAIL TECH AUSTRIA) all defective fasteners, the material used (deck material and receiving member) and photos of the project in which the failure occurred, plus purchase receipt from the retailer at which the fasteners were bought in order to obtain service covered under this warranty.

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